I think my biggest problem with President-elect Donald Trump is that he is so utterly obsessed with pleasing himself and stroking his own ego, that I wonder how much energy is left for him to really do anything about the country’s problems?

Let’s face it, humans have limitations, and when you spend a lot of time doing one thing, it means something else that maybe you should be doing doesn’t get the attention it really needs. When I studied economics in college, they called it the ‘opportunity cost,’ or the fact that when you do one thing, you can’t necessarily do another, and that has a cost associated with it.

So how does Trump become a successful president, while he is completely distracted by his interest in beautiful women, tweeting at 3am because someone made him angry, and making petty remarks about other nations, some of which are our enemies?

Sounds like the biggest recipe for disaster, ever, if you ask me.