ASKED TO RESIGN Trump ally faces ouster over racist Obama remarks

April 1, 2014: Donald Trump, left, is joined by Carl Paladino during a gun rights rally at the Empire State Plaza in Albany, N.Y.  (AP)

A New York school board demanded Thursday that the co-chairman of President-elect Donald Trump’s New York campaign resign from its board, after he said he would like to see the president die of Mad Cow Disease.

Carl Paladino, an ally of Trump and a millionaire developer, told a local publication that he would like to see President Obama die of the disease, and see First Lady Michelle Obama living with a gorilla in Africa.

“Obama catches mad cow disease after being caught having relations with a Hereford. He dies before his trial and is buried in a cow pasture next to Valerie Jarrett, who died weeks prior, after being convicted of sedition and treason, when a jihadi cellmate mistook her for being a nice person and decapitated her,” he said, according to the New York Post.

Paladino later apologized, saying the comments weren’t meant for publication.

“I wanted to say something as sarcastic and hurtful as possible about the people (the Obamas) so responsible for the hurt and suffering of so many others,” he said, according to the Post. “I was wired up, primed to be human and make a mistake. I could have not made a worse choice in the words I used to express my feelings.”

The apology has not been accepted by the school board in Buffalo. It voted 6-2 Thursday to ask the state education commissioner to remove Paladino if he does not resign from office. The two who did not back the motion called on Paladino to apologize to every student. Paladino was not in attendance but has said that he will not resign.

A crowd applauded when the vote was taken, and shouted down Paladino’s allies.

“Words matter, Mr. Paladino. This community has been rocked,” said board president Barbara Seals Nevergold.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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