Anyone who didn’t know Kellyanne Conway before the 2016 presidential election sure knows who she is now. She has been credited with getting Donald Trump elected, as his senior campaign manager, to the office of President of the United States.

But I have questions for Ms. Conway, above and beyond the fact that we now learn her husband may be President-elect Trump’s choice for a top U.S. legal post (sounds like the mother of all political pay-offs to me). My questions center around her character and why, exactly, she thinks it is OK to lie daily in defense of her boss Trump.

We see it play out daily, and any decent fact checker must cringe at the B.S. she spews for Trump. Has she no shame? And what will she tell her young children when they are old enough to understand just exactly what she has done? Perhaps, in the words of Kellyanne, they will just have to get over it by smoking a cigar and drinking Cognac.