Colin Powell can be elected President of The United States on January 6.

And it is already in process.

Here’s how:

Step One: One Congressperson and one Senator challenge the results of The Electoral College. (As of January 5 at 5:20 pm, this author has just received confirmation that at least one Member of The House of Representatives WILL be challenging the results and that that Member is actively recruiting a corresponding Member from The United States Senate) .
Step Two: Each challenged vote is debated and ruled to be either valid or invalid by both houses of Congress
Step Three: If less than 270 of the 304 electoral votes for Donald Trump survive scrutiny by Congress, Donald Trump is not formally elected by The Electoral College and then the entire matter goes to The House of Representatives to choose.
Step Four:  The House chooses, according to The 12th Amendment, amongst the top 3 electoral vote getters. Because of The Hamilton Elector campaign encouraging electors of both parties to “vote their conscience” 7 electors actually did.  As a result, here was the vote:

Donald Trump:  304
Hillary Clinton:  227
Colin Powell:       3
John Kasich:       1
Bernie Sanders:  1
Ron Paul:            1
Faith Spotted Eagle  1

So, if Congress is able to invalidate at least 35 of Donald Trump’s 304 electoral votes, he will fall below the mandatory 270 vote threshold for victory and The House of Representatives will then be asked to choose amongst Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell.  Each state delegation gets 1 vote and the candidate – be it Trump, Clinton or Powell – who gets 26 of the 50 votes is our next President and Commander-in-Chief.

Yes, IF this gets to The House, Colin Powell can (and may very well) become America’s 45th President.

Crazy, huh.  Well, there seems to be no limit to the fun and surprises provided by our wonderful Electoral College system!


Glad you asked.  It is, of course, unlikely, but it is absolutely possible.

Really.  Here’s why:

1.  A just released study, authored by North Carolina attorney, Arlaine Rockey, her registered Republican sister and 6 other attorneys and 7 additional researchers has identified, according to them, at least 50 Republican (and many Democratic as well) electors who have violated one or more statutory or Constitutional requirements for them to be electors and for their electoral votes to count.  (Here is a 53 page Executive Summary of the 1,018 page study

These requirements are:

a) The electors were not living in or registered to vote in the Congressional Districts that they represented in The Electoral College, an absolute requirement.
b) They were already elected officials and, as such, violated the absolute requirement that they not serve in two elected capacities.
c) Votes for President and Vice-President were made on the same ballot, in direct violation of the law.

The Path to a 26 State Vote Victory In The House of Representatives for Colin Powell

If all 13 states with a Democratic majority of Congresspersons vote for Colin Powell (realizing it is futile to vote for Hillary) he is halfway there and only 13 of the remaining 37 Republican States would have to vote for General Powell for him to become The 45th President of The United States.

One way for this to happen is if:
* The 3 states where there are almost as many Democrats as Republicans, Colorado (4-3), Arizona (5-4) and Wisconsin (5-3) have just one or two Republicans vote for Powell instead of Trump, and
* Maine, with 1 Republican and 1 Democrat, votes for Powell, and
* Utah, where Trump is not well loved, votes instead for Powell, and
* The one Congressperson delegations in Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming vote for General Powell, and
* Just 3 more out of the remaining 27 Republican states decide that America would be better off with the much loved and much respected General Colin Powell than Donald Trump.
Or any other combination of 13 of the 37 Republican states vote for this consensus Republican to bring America together.

What Can You Do to Elect Colin Powell on Friday?

1) Call 202 224 3121 (Capitol Operator) and tell your Congressperson and BOTH United States Senators that you want them to object to each of the 50 indicated Elector’s votes because they are Constitutionally illegitimate, and
2) That when the election is thrown into The House, you would like for your Congressperson to help bring the country together by voting for General Powell.
*Note: We know that many would like for Democrats and others to vote for the winner of the popular vote, Hillary Clinton, but there is zero chance that even one Republican Congressperson would vote for Hillary and therefore Democratic Congresspersons would likely elect Donald Trump unless all of them vote for Colin Powell.

While a seeming fantasy, this can be done . . . and after the utterly crazy, unprecedented and surprising nature of Election 2016 what a deliciously crazy, unprecedented, surprising and somehow appropriate ending this could be!
Can you say, “President Colin Powell”? I think the vast majority of America would sleep better for the next 4 years if this became a reality and that the talented and patriotic General and former Secretary of State for George W. Bush would accept this call to duty to serve his nation yet again.

SUMMARY by The Legal Team

Here are the issues regarding the electoral college results that have come to our attention.

A number of attorneys, in researching other electoral college laws, identified what they saw as serious legal errors in the way the electoral college votes were taken.
Several states, in their state laws and constitutions, place clear limits on who can cast electoral college ballots. Some states, such as North Carolina, require that electoral college representatives (like congressional representatives) must come from a particular voting district. Under various state constitutions, there are prohibitions on certain office holders from cross swearing (taking two oaths and acting in two official positions). One challenge was brought in Ohio prior to the election to a dual office holder, and that elector Ohio State Representative Christina Hagan, stepped down. However, the tens of other dual office holders went ahead and cast electoral college votes in violation of their own state restrictions.

At this point, it is incumbent on congress to certify whether votes have been “regularly given” and “lawfully certified” but the prohibition on dual office holding makes this certification impossible. See 3 U.S. Code § 15.
The link, above, includes the list of the states in which Trump took a state majority, and reviewers have identified 50 votes that cannot be certified.

On January 6th, when Congress meets, if one member of each chamber objects to any given vote, then each chamber will debate the issue, with a maximum time of two hours for debate per vote. If a sufficient number of votes are not certified (by both houses) and Trump does not reach the required 270, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President from a list of three of the highest vote getters, with each state getting one vote in the house (for President). Similarly, in the Senate, if there is no 270 majority for Vice President, then the senate chooses the vice president by a majority of the whole number of senators from the two highest vote getters.