It is hard to think of another U.S. President-Elect who has insulted so many large groups of Americans, thrown into a tailspin U.S.relationships with other nations–especially adversarial ones–and even publicly tried to shame American icons and leaders who don’t agree with him.

Rolling Stone put out a ‘Best of 2016’ list of all of the people, groups and countries Trump has put down publicly: they counted 289. The man has not even taken the oath of office and it seems incredible that he could act so reckless with America’s standing in the world and the health and safety of the American population.

I would like to think that Trump has some brilliant scheme planned, where of the chaos he has already caused is going to be transformed into an approach to strong, steady leadership, once he actually is the president. However, when one looks at his record of saying one thing and doing another, not to mention his apparent ties with Russia, one must become concerned.