This morning the tired old bit called the global gag rule was slapped back into the mouths of American women as Trump let the world see once again just how much contempt he has for all things female. Naturally he’s not alone in this endeavor; he was surrounded by a cadre of male lawmakers, and of course Mike Pence, real life’s answer to Footloose’s Revered Shaw Moore, was on hand to witness this high point for men who like to oppress women everywhere.

It’s called the Mexico City policy, and although it is reportedly a coincidence that it was first put in place in the year 1984, the gag rule is certainly Orwellian. The rule blocks federal funding for international nongovernmental organizations and family planning charities that provide abortions or “promote” them in any way–even by giving patients referrals to abortion providers or providing patients with information about the procedure.

President Reagan put the global gag rule in place, and it was lifted by President Clinton. It was then put back in place by President George W. Bush, only to be lifted by President Obama. Clearly, then, this appears to be a contentious issue that is mostly split along party lines.

Of course this latest move by the illegitimate occupier of the White House comes within a unique cultural context: beyond the fact that there is serious doubt about whether Trump belongs in office based on the hacking of the election; beyond the fact that he has already violated numerous laws and committed impeachable offenses; and even beyond the fact that he gives every sign of being mentally unstable, unfit, and incompetent, Trump has just achieved a singular distinction.

He was the first to be rejected by a record number of women immediately upon seizing office, and by women from all seven continents of the world, for that matter. It seems especially troubling given his lack of mandate generally, and his particular lack of mandate from women, that he would immediately take action to circumscribe the rights of women who have clearly rejected his alleged leadership.

And while Trump claims to be “pro-life,” as to fetuses (although he is very loudly pro-death when it comes to exonerated black teens such as those in the Central Park jogger case), I find it impossible to believe two things. First, that this is an actual ideological stand he has maintained based on his principles. In fact, evidence shows that this position is a recent, opportunistic development–probably taken on not just for political expediency, but to punish those who deserve it: women who are standing up and telling him no. And second: that he has not in fact funded at least one abortion in his lifetime.

Now, Pence is certainly a true believer in the anti-choice cause. I think we can all rest assured that if it’s up to him, abortion will be illegal and women who try to control their own bodies will be criminals. He restricted access to abortion in Indiana and introduced bills that reduced funding for women’s health organizations that provide abortions while he was in Congress.

Other anti-choice Congressmen–and they are all men as you can see in the photograph–were quick to step up to the plate on the return of the global gag rule.

The fallout from the return of the global gag rule will be serious. Organizations that will be hurt include groups like the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPFF), which provides family planning services in more than 180 countries. IPPF has been through this before; it gave up its funding during the Bush years rather than deny vital services to women in the communities it serves.

IPFF confirmed that it will be forced once again to give up the funding, which would mean losing $100 million. This hurts millions of women who rely on the IPPF for sexual and reproductive health services. The focus of the organization has been on women’s reproductive health in poor countries since Obama took office, so it is safe to say that it is the most vulnerable women who will suffer the most.

None of this is surprising from the Unconvicted Serial Sex Offender In Chief. That doesn’t make it feel any better, though. And if you’re still not sure whether this is really a big deal, ask yourself this: can you imagine a scenario where a female President and 8 to 12 Congresswomen signing a bill restricting men’s freedom to access reproductive healthcare into law would ever be acceptable? Can you imagine men just sitting back and accepting that?

What if scientists discovered that abortion could be eliminated if every man was placed onto a certain kind of birth control injection, but not all men wanted to take it–not least because they would no longer be free to control their own ability to reproduce. Can you imagine a law forcing men to take the injections would be passed and enforced?

If you can’t, ask yourself why it seems alright for a room full of men who will never face pregnancy and childbirth to force all women in our country to bear children.