Our readers may be suprised to know that the first book I ever read from cover-to-cover in one day was Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal. I had high aspirations and a weird desire to own a skyscraper. I loved Trump Tower and made a trip to New York City just to visit my ‘idol’s’ beautiful creation.

He should have just stuck to real estate development.

Now, we have a president who has made it clear that he cares only about getting personal revenge on those who have, at least in his tiny mind, crossed him. From Barack Obama who famously roasted him at a past White House Correspondent’s Dinner (which I personally believe was the catalyst that made him run), to Meryl Streep and everyone in between who said something negative about him–not to mention those who didn’t vote for him–this guy is certifiably crazy. The idea that such a psychological mess should have the most powerful job in the world is frightening.

Marches are great, and keep them up, but every single one of us who opposes President Trump must do all we can to stop him. Contact Congress, protest, stop this maniac from destroying the greatest country on earth.