OK, America, sometimes you just have to accept your failure. Donald J. Trump should have never entered the Oval Office and you know it. The man is the most unstable individual to ever be President of the United States (and that is saying a lot).

Since the day Congress passed the Affordable Care Act, the Republicans have chanted ‘repeal and replace’ about the legislation incessantly. That was years ago, but we have yet to hear what the ‘replacement’ will be. They don’t care about results, they just care about crushing their enemies, which is why they are salivating all over vengeful Trump.

But the reality is that vengeance doesn’t help the average American–good, well-thought-through plans to make their lives better do help us. Obamacare has been successful, yet the Republicans just wan’t to kill it–just cause.

Trump, on the other hand, has been wildly unsuccessful in just one week. And the Democrats not only want to repeal him, they actually have a viable replacement: Hillary Rodham Clinton.