President Trump on Sunday blasted The New York Times, referring to the publication as “fake news.”

“Somebody with aptitude and conviction should buy the FAKE NEWS and failing @nytimes and either run it correctly or let it fold with dignity!” the president tweeted on Sunday.


The newspaper criticized the president in an editorial published Saturday titled, “Trump’s Muslim Ban is Cowardly and Dangerous.”

“History has its eyes on Trump officials and members of Congress who know better, but are staying silent,” they wrote.

The Times on Sunday ran a front-page story titled, “’Up Is Down’: Unreality Show Echoes a History of False Claims.”

The president often rails on the media, accusing reporters of biased and dishonest coverage of him.

On Saturday, Trump similarly hit on the Times, saying the newspaper had been “wrong” abut him from the beginning.

“Said I would lose the primaries, then the general election,” Trump tweeted, referring to the Times. “FAKE NEWS!”

In a series of tweets Saturday, Trump also said the coverage from both The Times and The Washington Post had been “false and angry.”

–This report was updated at 8:49 a.m.