It’s easy to see how Donald Trump has risen to power. Well, actually, he always was in power; and that’s because of his personality and his intentional hunger for it.

He’s always had the power to contrive, to manipulate, to control and to put himself out there as a ‘bit of a hero’. However, this was in the relatively safe arena of business.

Perfectly fine; pitched as inspirational… the stories of him losing it all and getting it back, the stories of him on his unstoppable path of success. I’ve read countless books on success and personal development and his name has been mentioned abundantly.

But it seems he has set his sights higher. Instead of playing around with money and property, he’s playing around with lives and human rights. He’s taken the American dream and made it conditional. Those of you that have been vehimently defending him, have subscribed to his cult.

A cult leader is a self-proclaimed saviour. They take the insecurities of their followers and manipulate those people into getting what they want. Praise, worship, billions of dollars, arms deals … it’s all the same.

They are intent on purification. Purification of the soul, purification of race, purification of bizarre and twisted ideals. It’s easy to do; just take a group of people and make them feel special, make them feel like they are more important than the rest of humanity and then ostracise the rest.

You never solve a problem by dividing people.

The followers are products of fear, nothing more. They are made to feel afraid of anyone that is not like them. People do inexplicable things when faced with fear. They turn on humanity, act in irrational ways and fight for anything that offers a glimmer of hope in removing that fear – however it may be packaged. This time it’s being packaged as a wobbly, orange billionaire in a suit.

It essentially comes down to this: If you believe it’s right to cause another human being pain on any level; be it physical or emotional, then you are living in fear.

Plenty of comparisons have been made between Trump and cult leaders. The parallels are obvious. The charismatic allure of a megalomaniac messiah charms people into submission while the rest of the world looks on in disbelief. Trying to justify it raises eyebrows and looks of confusion amongst those who are not in on it. When you don’t buy into the craziness, then the cult-leader’s objectives are beautifully transparent.

We do not need to worry. Every cult ultimately self-destructs.

It is impossible for anything so terrible to become permanent and to consume everyone in it’s path. This is because we, as humans, are essentially good. We have the ability to rise above our fear and not become slaves to it. We have the ability to see things rationally and learn from our past mistakes as a species. This goes for any group or individual with less-than loving aims. From the Moons to the Mansons, the Hitlers to the haters.

We know what moves humanity forward and every time we refuse to buy into some scheme of hate or manipulated nonsense, we should feel proud, empowered and know that the future is bright.