Sure, most Americans think that making money is a great thing and those who do it well are to be admired. After all, we are primarily a capitalist society. I am no different, unless when the only goal is to make money without a thought of the consequences of doing that alone are not a concern.

It is easy to see why a broke and marginalized population, such as are most Trump supporters, would believe a billionaire–albeit one born that way–would make them feel good. Especially if that billionaire told them he would wave his ‘magic wand’ and fix all of their problems for them–kind of a daddy figure, if you will.

The problem is, Donald Trump is hardly your daddy, and in fact, he is using you to make himself richer while making you think he cares about you. How much longer will you believe that adorable little fairy tale? Let’s hope for the future of America you will wake up from that naive fantasy.