Here comes a penalty flag for unsportsmanlike conduct.

In a recently published conversation with The New York Times, President Donald Trump shared his opinion of the NFL’s handling of Deflategate and called NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a “dope,” among other choice adjectives.

The article, entitled “The Uncomfortable Love Affair Between Donald Trump and the New England Patriots,” takes a look at the president’s friendship with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Coach Bill Belichick, and star quarterback Tom Brady.

Here are Trump’s thoughts on the dealmaking that went down between Kraft and the NFL during the Deflategate debacle, including a Mitt Romney reference:

Kraft was under pressure, Trump explained. “He choked, just like Romney choked. He said: ‘You know what? They winked at me.’ I said, ‘Bob when you make a deal, you should have gotten it all wrapped up.’ Who ever heard of making a deal like that? Now you got this mess.” Kraft should never have trusted Goodell, he said.

Trump also took the opportunity to share some descriptive words about the NFL commissioner:

“The commissioner is a weak guy,” Trump said. “When he made the Ray Rice deal, everybody said: You’re stupid. You’re weak. And it was such a weak deal. So now he’s going overboard with their star, Brady.”

He added: “The commissioner is a dope. He’s a stupid guy.”

Not an especially surprising point of view, considering that a year ago Trump indicated he would “fire” Goodell, if he could.

Asked on Wednesday about his feelings toward Trump, Goodell said that “as commissioner of the NFL, I am singularly focused on the Super Bowl right now.”

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