President Donald Trump kicked the huddled masses to the curb this week, signing off on a hastily implemented, potentially unconstitutional executive order late last Friday that halted travel to the U.S. of more than 200 million people from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

The order also blocks all refugees for 120 days and bans Syrian refugee resettlement indefinitely.

In case the true meaning of the act was lost on anyone, Germany’s Der Spiegel decided to illustrate it and use the graphic metaphor as its magazine cover, set to be published Saturday:

The cover depicts Trump as a machete-wielding figure, mouth agape, holding the Statue of Liberty’s severed head aloft menacingly ― not unlike the very same terrorists he claims his executive order protects Americans from.

”AMERICA FIRST,” the cover reads in black, uppercase letters. Trump pointedly used the phrase in his inaugural address; it’s also the name of an American movement that sympathized with the Nazis in 1941.

Just who is terrorizing whom here?

It’s not the first anti-Trump cover Der Spiegel has produced. In November, the magazine depicted Trump as a fiery Earth-bound asteroid, calling his election “The end of the world (as we know it).”

And last January, Der Spiegel published this Trump cover, which now looks tame by comparison:

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