Donald Trump is supposedly known for his ‘straight talk.’ Whether or not his talk is ‘straight’ is completely up for debate. But one thing that is loud and clear is the fact that until we know just exactly how entangled he is with foreign countries, especially Russia, we cannot know if we can trust him as President of the United States.

So, the American people really need some straight talk from the guy who claims to be their president, when it comes to his relationship with a foreign leader who kills, rapes and pillages his own people. The same leader, Vladimir Putin, who Trump constantly praises, at the same time he berates every other world leader.

What exactly does Putin have on Trump? It must be more than a ‘pee tape,’ it must be hugely dangerous. Until we see Donald Trump’s tax returns, which he refuses to show us, we will never really know if Trump is on the side of America or just another puppet of Vladimir Putin.