THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS PULLED OFF THE MOST INCREDIBLE COMEBACK IN SUPER BOWL HISTORY After trailing the Atlanta Falcons by 25 in the third quarter, the New England Patriots returned with a vengeance, forcing the first Super Bowl overtime and then winning it all, 34-28, in Super Bowl LI. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady not only has five Super Bowl rings (the most of any quarterback in history) and four Super Bowl MVP awards (the most of any NFL player in history), he also had the most passing yards ― 466 ― for the Super Bowl, ever. Gisele, understandably, lost it as the Patriots won. And the owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft? He just wants his Super Bowl ring back that Russian President Vladimir Putin pocketed in 2005. [HuffPost]

AS FOR THE COMMERCIALS AND LADY GAGA’S HALFTIME SHOW… The internet loved Lady Gaga’s show, which included both her jumping off the roof of the stadium and a nod to the LBGTQ community. Quite a few ads trolled President Donald Trump, from Airbnb’s to 84 Lumber’s, which crashed its website. Budweiser’s “immigration” ad triggered calls for a boycott, while Audi tackled gender equality. But everyone loved George H.W. Bush’s coin toss. The former president left the intensive care unit of Houston Methodist Hospital just six days ago. [HuffPost]

HERE’S WHAT YOU MISSED OVER THE WEEKEND FOR TRUMP’S TRAVEL BAN On Friday, Washington U.S. District Judge James Robart, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, temporarily blocked Trump’s executive order, which bars Syrian refugees and travelers from seven majority-Muslim countries. While the Justice Department requested to immediately restore the travel ban late on Saturday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit rejected that. AndPresident Trump tweeted that the judge who stopped the order is putting “our country in peril.” [HuffPost]

97 COMPANIES FILE AMICUS BRIEF AGAINST THE IMMIGRATION BAN Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Twitter, Microsoft and 91 other companies signed onto the brief. [HuffPost]

THE PENTAGON REPORTEDLY FAILED TO DISCLOSE UP TO THOUSANDS OF AIRSTRIKES According to the Military Times, thousands of airstrikes by U.S. Army helicopters and drones in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan have gone uncounted since 2001. [Reuters]

TRUMP: ‘WONDERFUL’ OBAMACARE REPLACEMENT COULD TAKE UNTIL 2018 TO PRODUCE “The statement, which Trump made in an interview with Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, could signal a significant setback in the effort to repeal and replace the 2010 law, which has helped 20 million people obtain health insurance ― and which is suddenly showing some political resiliency.” [HuffPost]

‘UNFROZEN IN TIME’ HuffPost investigates how Antarctica is changing by the minute ― now. [HuffPost]