Donald J. Trump is a very lucky man.

He is lucky to have been born to a family of sufficient wealth that they could give him seed money, which he grew into the billions of dollars that he claims now to possess.

He is lucky to have been born on June 14. In his generation, all young American men were subject to the military draft. And every one of them had a draft number, which was determined by a lottery of the 366 possible birthdays. Anyone born on June 14 had a lottery number of 356 and, thus, a near certainty of never being drafted. Had Mr. Trump been born on June 13, one day earlier, his lottery number would have been 69. He would have been nearly certain to receive a draft notice. A minor medical malady did not keep him from going to Vietnam. It is his luck to have had a high draft number.

He is also lucky that the Constitution of the United States does not list “becoming an international embarrassment” along with “high crimes and misdemeanors” as grounds for impeachment.

The embarrassments of his presidency continue to mount. First, he demonstrated a petty interest in the size of the crowd that attended his inauguration. Then, he let his silly insistence on building a wall along America’s southern border cause the cancellation of his meeting with the President of Mexico. Then he issued an inept executive order that proved how woefully unprepared he and his advisors are to draft an order competently. Then he sullied an invitation to visit the United Kingdom by getting into a spat with the heir to the British throne over climate change. Then he observed opening day of Black History Month by making it clear that he was uninformed about the death of an important African-American figure–although that person has actually been dead for 112 years. Then he reportedly ended a phone call with the President of Australia by insulting both Australia’s President and the immediate past President of the United States.

Mr. Trump must be the luckiest man in the world. The Constitution, so far, is his wall of protection. All he has done is embarrass himself and our country. He does not yet appear to have broken any laws or violated any provisions in the Constitution.

But recently he may have pushed his luck too far. He soiled the spirituality of the National Prayer Breakfast by asking people to pray for a TV personality’s ratings and by misconstruing the appointment of the Senate Chaplain. In the midst of this self-inflicted confusion, he said to the crowd that had assembled for prayer, “The hell with it.” So at a single breakfast event, he has violated at least two of the Ten Commandments–one that condemns making “vain” requests to God (e.g., for TV ratings) and another that prohibits putting some power (e.g., “hell”) before the God to whom one prays.

Now, Mr. Trump’s luck may not be enough. Now he is messing with God.