Sixty-five percent of Republican voters said they haven’t heard enough about Steve Bannon to rate how they feel about him, according to a poll released by Quinnipiac University on Tuesday.

The survey found 29 percent of Republicans feel favorably about President Donald Trump’s chief strategist and only 6 percent unfavorably. Among all registered voters,14 percent view him favorably, 41 percent unfavorably and 44 percent haven’t heard enough about him.

Public Policy Polling released a poll on Friday that also asked about Bannon, highlighting how many Republicans were unsure how they felt about him. More Republicans, 45 percent, weren’t sure about him than felt favorably toward him, 40 percent. Among all voters, only 33 percent were not sure how they felt.

When charted over time, polls show that more people have formed opinions about Bannon, but Republicans remain most widely undecided.

Grace Sparks/The Huffington Post

Among all respondents, voters who were undecided about Bannon outnumbered those who felt favorably and unfavorably until this month’s polls, which show unfavorable leading. This is also true of independents, of which the majority were undecided until the latest PPP poll, when they were surpassed by those who feel unfavorably. Predictably, the majority of Democrats have felt unfavorably of Bannon since the beginning.

A recent YouGov/Economist poll asked whether it was a good or bad idea for Trump to place Bannon on the National Security Council. This reflected similar numbers to the favorability question, showing Democrats strongly against Bannon, independents somewhat against and somewhat unsure, and Republicans split between a “good idea” and “unsure.”

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