‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.’ That, of course, is the quote emblazed on the Statue of Liberty, and more importantly, the original mission behind the formation of the United States of America.

Oh, how we have lost our way. The saddest thing about how the Trump administration has decided to enrich the 400 richest American families is that in order to do this, he must take anything he can from the poorest of the poor.

This point hit home for me today, when my computer shorted out and I had to go to the local library to gain access to the internet. I was shocked at how I could easily walk into this new and fully-featured structure and access a new computer with no question. As I looked around, I saw many ‘marginalized’ and unemployed people looking desperately for a job on the internet.

But Trump intends to take away funding for such efforts, and that is the saddest thing America could ever endure. When people are down, they need a hand up, not a slap in the face. And although I know Trump isn’t experienced enough in the real world to know this, when all boats rise, we all win.

Shame on the Trump adminstration and shame on America for letting this despot into the Oval Office.