Conservative House Republicans said Monday that they have enough votes to block the passage of the GOP’s legislation to dismantle ObamaCare if there is a vote on Thursday and all Democrats vote down party line.

Members of the House Freedom Caucus, which has about 35 members, have called on House leaders to repeal more elements of ObamaCare, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Top House Republicans hunting votes for their health care overhaul are proposing amendments aimed at providing more help for older people, curbing Medicaid and accelerating the repeal of some tax increases.

The bill would let people deduct more medical costs from taxes. It would repeal many tax increases boosted by President Obama’s 2010 statute this year instead of 2018. Older and disabled Medicaid recipients would get more generous benefits. But states could impose work requirements on the program.

The bill would let the Senate approve tax credits more generous to people age 50 to 64. Congressional analysts say the current GOP legislation would hit many with big cost increases.

GOP leaders released the changes late Monday, three days ahead of a planned House vote on the bill.

“Based on what I’ve been told is in the manager’s amendment, and what I’ve been told tonight, I don’t know that it moves anybody or makes a compelling case from where their previous positions were,” Rep. Mark Meadows, R.- N.C., chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, told the paper.

The Associated Press contributed to this report