Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh expressed his frustration with what he perceived to be a “cave” by President Donald Trump on securing funding for his much-touted border wall.

The Trump administration had proposed $1 billion for the wall in a spending bill, which if passed by Congress and signed into will by Friday, will prevent a government shutdown.

However, Democrats have said they would not vote for a bill that included such funding, and reportedly the White House has backed off of its push for that funding because of it.

So the wall trump bragged about and that conceivably got him elected, seems to have vanished altogether. I have never believed we should build a wall of the U.S.-Mexican border, so I think this is a positive development. But I am not sure how Trump’s minions, the people who voted for him, will take this news. Rush Limbaugh certainly is not happy.

This latest episode seems to prove that the only thing Donald Trump is really good at is promising the moon and delivering nothing but a trail of stale bread crumbs.