President Trump has built a career and now has reached what many would claim to be the pinnacle of American success, he has been elected President of the United States by lying and ‘faking’ news. The list of lies told by Trump during the presidential campaign and now, as president, is so long and obvious, he has no business sitting in the Oval Office.

But sit in the Oval Office he does, and Mr. Trump is starting to realize that the spreading of fake news hurts not just those who tell the truth, it hurts those who spread it even more. Trump is going to have to reconcile this reality whether he likes it or not, and his special circle of family advisors and billionaire friends cannot do anything to stop that.

Trump loves what spreading fake news has done for his career, but boy, oh boy, does that ‘boy’ whine when he feels it is being used against him. It is time for 70-year-old Donald to realize he must grow up.