House Republicans are so desperate to have a win for Trump, any win, they are OK with making sick Americans broke too, by making them lose insurance or not be able to get It all.

Ahead of today’s House vote on the latest iteration of Trumpcare, the Washington Post had this to say about the pre-existing clause that currently doesn’t penalize the sick but likely will under Trumpcare:

‘House Republican leaders said Wednesday that they plan to bring their controversial plan to revise key parts of the Affordable Care Act to a vote on Thursday, capping weeks of fits and starts in their attempt to fulfill a signature campaign promise.

The flagging Republican effort to reshape the nation’s health-care system picked up steam Wednesday as GOP leaders tried to address concerns about people with preexisting medical conditions. But independent analysts remained skeptical that the new proposal would fully address the needs of at-risk patients who receive coverage guarantees under the Affordable Care Act, underscoring the contentious nature of the Republican effort.’

One of the cornerstones of Obamacare is that people who are already sick will not be turned down or charged more to get insurance so they can become healthier. To take that away just to give President Trump a win, one he desperately needs, is a shame and a sham and House Republicans will pay a serious price for it.