Finally succeeding, triumphant House Republicans voted Thursday to repeal and replace the “Obamacare” health plan they have reviled for so long, overcoming united Democratic opposition and their own deep divisions to hand a major win to President Donald Trump.

The 217-213 vote was a narrow victory, and ultimate success is far from assured since the measure must still make its way through a highly skeptical Senate. But after seven years of campaign promises and dozens of show votes, Republicans finally succeeded in passing a health care bill that has a chance of becoming law.

They weren’t waiting for final passage to celebrate. They couldn’t wait to break out the champagne on the White House lawn, even though the bill has so many hurdles for it to succeed.

There is never a party on the White House lawn until a bill becomes a law. What does this tell us? It tells us that the House Republicans and President Trump know that if they don’t celebrate now, before the bill dies in the Senate, they will never have anything to celebrate.

Worse for House Republicans, this act of desperation will bite them all in the rear, and that bite will be a fatal one. And let’s face it, those who voted for this bill are now eternally tied to the success or failure of Donald Trump as president.