At the Republican Convention, Trump declared, when it comes to such issues as jobs being shipped out of the U.S., ‘I, alone can fix it.

Unfortunately for Trump, and all Americans, it is really starting to look as though Trump can’t ‘do it’ alone, and in fact may not be able to do it at all.

Donald Trump took aim on Sunday at Rexnord Corp for the industrial supplier’s decision to move jobs to Mexico from Indiana.

Milwaukee-based Rexnord announced plans in October to move a bearing plant and its 300 jobs from Indianapolis, employees told the Indianapolis Star at the time.

True to form, Trump is now trying to pin the blame on Former President Barack Obama: “Rexnord of Indiana made a deal during the Obama Administration to move to Mexico. Fired their employees,” President Trump tweeted on Sunday.

Trump also tweeted in December about Rexnord’s decision, saying he would stop jobs from being lost to countries with lower labor costs. “No more!” he tweeted at the time.

Rexnord did not immediately respond to a telephone call on Sunday seeking comment outside of normal business hours.

Trump, who campaigned on the promise to put American workers first, has tweeted at other companies that attracted his ire – including Lockheed Martin in December for the high cost of the F-35 fighter jet program, General Motors Co in January for its manufacturing in Mexico, and retailer Nordstrom in February for dropping his daughter Ivanka’s clothing line.