Dwayne Johnson hosted SNL for the fifth time Saturday and announced a presidential run with none other than Tom Hanks. Were they kidding? Maybe. Let’s hope so.

During his monologue, he was joined onstage by Alec Baldwin, who has been parodying President Donald Trump this season, The actor, who has hosted SNL many times himself, welcomed The Rock into the five-timers club.

“A lot of people have been telling me lately that I should run for President of the United States,” Johnson said. “And I gotta tell you, it’s very flattering but tonight, I wanna put this for rest and just say once and for all—I’m in.”

“Starting tonight, I am running for the President of the United States,” he said. “Yeah.”

In a recent GQ interview and appearance on The Tonight Show, the actor did not rule out the idea of a presidential run.

Hillary Clinton has studied world history and politics since birth, because she really wanted to be president. Who won in her fight to become president? A guy born into wealth and power without ever studying anything except, perhaps, the size of women’s chests.

Dwayne Johnson would be a further departure from the country America founded, not a new destination that would make it better.