In the latest stunning tweet, President Trump confirmed Friday morning he is under investigation, and appears to be pointing the finger at Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein:

There is so much that is wrong with this behavior. To begin with, Trump originally said when he fired FBI Director James Comey that he was doing so on recommendation of his Deputy AG Rosenstein, then said he had already decided to fire Comey when he asked Rosenstein to write up his thoughts on Comey.

So, right there Trump is completely contradicting himself on the reason for his firing of Comey. That is bad enough by itself, but it is so much worse, considering Trump is under possible criminal investigation. Anyone who has ever been challenged in an official, legal capacity knows you don’t ever comment publicly in a way that could compromise your case.

If Trump is guilty of something serious, he certainly isn’t helping his case. If he isn’t guilty, then one has to ask the question: Is President Trump mentally stable? Either way, we have a problem here, Mr. Trump.