You know the saying: ‘Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.’

In other words, everything good also has a ‘bad’ side to it, and everything is relative and you can’t understand what is good until you compare it to what is bad.

President Trump seems to have turned that universal principle on its head. Why? Because Trump, with his huge number of faults, least of all the fact that he is under investigation by the FBI after just 148 days of being sworn in as president, seems to offer no redeeming features.

This would all be different if Trump had a clear, powerful vision for America. A vision that would allow ‘all boats to rise,’ instead of just his and those of his rich friends.

From tax cuts for the very rich, to ending regulations that protect average people (to help the rich), to tweeting and talking incessantly about how he, personally, has been wronged (that is ‘rich,’ coming from a guy born into wealth and privilege).

Sure, once in a while he throws a bone to coal workers, even though he knows the industry is dying around the globe in the face of new technologies. He doesn’t even embrace the economic potential of pursuing new sources of energy and new sources of jobs.

Nope. Donald Trump just cares about two things: He wants the world to tell him how great he is, and he wants to get revenge on those who don’t think he is so great.