Donald Trump cares about two things, and only two things: He wants the world to adore him, and he wants to exact revenge on those who cross him. There is no formal or strategic U.S. Policy involved here, it is simply, in Trump’s mind, Trump’s little world of self-adoration and personal revenge. Period.

Take Trump’s recent attempt to reverse Obama’s change to U.S./Cuba relations. Obama decided that 50 years of cutting off Cuba from the U.S. had to end, so he ended it. That made sense, because trading and tourism between the two countries could finally resume, which would only help the economies of both countries.

But Trump just wants to reverse everything Obama did. Not because he doesn’t agree with Obama’s policies, but because he just doesn’t like President Obama for having made jokes about him in the past. Trump is nothing but a little boy who cries when he can’t have his candy. Let’s just admit this sad fact so we can shed this fool for good.