On Aug. 2, 1974, a week before President Richard Nixon resigned, syndicated columnist Jack Anderson took a skeptical look at the president’s generosity. He found that the Richard Nixon Foundation had made “only one charitable grant in its four-year existence: $7,500 to buy a painting of Richard Nixon.”

Nixon and President Trump are different men, and their tenures may yet have very different outcomes. But to look back at news coverage in the months before Nixon’s resignation is to find remarkable echoes. Americans in 1974 focused on the same personality traits, debated many of the same issues, and experienced the same sense of news overload and impending national nervous breakdown that seem so familiar today.

Both Trump and Nixon displayed a level of paranoia and self-love that goes off the charts. Of course, we expect that anyone who thinks they should be the leader of the free world would have a huge ego.

But this goes beyond ego, it is a sickness, a level of paranoia and self-love that could get any regular person committed to a mental institution.

Yet Trump has gone a step beyond Nixon, because Trump very well may have been laundering money for Russian oligarchs and may even have colluded with Russia to sway the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. And that is just the tip of the iceberg Trump may be riding on as he obliterates himself and possibly the office of the president.