The White House’s real position on bringing back coal jobs was revealed after Trump’s economic adviser Gary Cohn made it clear in a meeting with reporters that coal isn’t even a good job source anymore, and the future of American energy is in natural gas, solar, and wind.

When President Trump moved two Tuesday’s ago to dismantle the Obama administration’s climate change efforts, he promised it would bring coal-mining jobs back to America. But the jobs he alluded to — hardy miners in mazelike tunnels with picks and shovels — have steadily become a ‘corpse’ of the past.

Pressured by cheap and abundant natural gas, coal is in an unstoppable decline, now making up just a third of electricity generation in the United States. Renewables are fast becoming competitive with coal on price. Electricity sales are trending downward, and coal exports are falling.

Trump is at least smart enough to know that when he told the coal miners who support him that he would bring back their lost jobs, that he was flat out lying.

But anyone who doesn’t now realize that Donald Trump lies to get whatever he wants has at least two things against them: 1) They are so gullible they would buy the Brooklyn bridge from Bernie Madoff, and 2) They are so gullible they would buy the Brooklyn bridge from Bernie Madoff.

The weak and the gullible usually lose in American life and the lesson of Trump is a clear illustration as to why. The only thing that can save those of us who believe Trump has good intentions, is for us to look carefully at his actions and not his words, because his words are worth even less than that bridge Bernie wants to sell you.