Oh, remember the days, when Donald Trump, presidential candidate, blamed everything that went wrong on President Obama? He even said this about President Obama: “I think he’s the worst president, maybe, in the history of our country.” Come to think of it, Trump is even blaming Obama for things that have happened under Trump’s watch.

Now, while we were all surprised that Trump actually became the next president, including Trump himself, he should have thought through what would happen if, in fact, he did win.

He has called President Obama the worst president, yet Trump’s current approval rating is a very low 36%. By contrast, Obama left office with an approval rating of 53%. And that was after eight years of the efforts of Congress to block anything Obama wanted to accomplish.

Worse, the first 152 days of the Trump presidency have become one of the biggest disasters in presidential history: Trump has not only failed to pass one piece of legislation through Congress, he is now under investigation by the FBI for possibly colluding with Russia, a U.S. enemy.

It would be wise for Trump to ‘move out of his glass house,’ because sooner or later that house will shatter.