Just 152 days into his presidency, Americans no longer expect President Donald Trump to keep the promises that got him elected. He walked back his promises on China, delivered nothing on his pledge to create infrastructure jobs, and—instead of “draining the swamp”—filled his cabinet with billionaires tied to corporate interests.

The policies he has supported would do real harm to some of his staunchest supporters—white men without a college degree. The recent House vote on the American Health Care Act, also known as Trumpcare, will kick millions off their insurance. And he has proposed the elimination of half of the federal programs designed to help workers in coal country, and flirted with trade wars.

Nevertheless, 96 percent of the people who voted for Trump say they’d make the same decision today.

So what, exactly, is it that the poor white men who make up the majority of Trump’s base find so intriguing about their ‘man?’ It is pretty obvious, they wish they were rich, able to grab women by the crotch at will, and actually feel like someone would care about what they think. Trump is their ‘superhero’ because they want to be him. But what they don’t understand is that Trump can’t be Trump unless his supporters remain buried in a pile of debt, hopelessness and joblessness.

In starker terms, there is a fool born every minute and Trump supporters make up the bulk of that population.