(R-Texas) needs to have more chill.

On Thursday, the senator inexplicably responded to a tweet about hugging from actress Alyssa Milano on Wednesday night.

Milano’s initial tweet called for a “group hug” and appears to have been her response to the news that Republican Karen Handel would win the special Congressional election in the Georgia 6th Congressional District instead of her opponent, Democrat Jon Ossoff. Milano had been live-tweeting updates the entire election night.

The call for a mass hug was strangely responded to by Cruz … far too many hours later. And with a WINK-FACE EMOJI.

NO, TED CRUZ, NO. You don’t even follow Alyssa Milano on Twitter! Why are you doing this? YOU LOVE KAREN HANDEL. YOU DON’T NEED A HUG. 

Twitter was just as confused, and collectively unenthused, by Cruz’s response.

Not missing a beat, Milano responded almost instantly with the perfect amount of sass.

Milano also added in a follow-up tweet that “anytime you want to get together to talk about your duty to your constituents, I’d love to chat. People before party.”

Dang. Droppin’ the damn mic, Alyssa.