Give me a break, ‘YoYo,’ all you want to do is take health care away from those who need it.

House Freedom Caucus member Ted Yoho told CNBC on Thursday he will vote against the GOP’s Obamacare replacement without more concessions to get rid of “a growing entitlement.”

The Florida Republican said he prefers a “clean repeal” of former President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, but he acknowledges it’s a negotiation.

“We’re getting closer,” Yoho said on “Squawk Box.” “I have the utmost confidence in [Freedom Caucus] leadership that we will come out with a bill that the president will sign [and] that the American people will thank us for.”

Hey Yo-Yo, the only thing America will thank you for is your resignation, so we can throw you out the back door of the U.S. Congress.

Bye, bye, bye.