President Trump has only delivered one public news conference, and that was four months ago. It was an exhausting 77-minute disaster, and any five-minute segment would have been enough to make front-page headlines around the world.

When the president goes on a freeform monologue, occasionally interrupted by questions, that is almost the length of a motion picture, as Donald Trump did during that event last February, the news can be overwhelming. The entirety represents a deluge that is difficult to process, as reported by The Guardian.

But even though it is exceptionally undemocratic for The President of the United States to ignore the people by ignoring the press, it looks as though we will be seeing even less of President Trump. That is because Trump is now under investigation by the FBI and his growing team of lawyers knows that Trump cannot control what comes out of his own mouth.

The only thing I can take away from this situation that could be seen as ‘positive,’ is that if Trump really can shut up, he may be less likely to start World War III. We can only hope.