Trump’s major campaign message, the one that likely helped get him elected, was that he was going to fix everything wrong with America. He incessantly repeated the statement that we would ‘win’ so much, we would ‘get tired of winning.’

It is now day 156 of the Trump presidency, almost half of a year, and we have yet to see any of the promised ‘winning.’ Let’s review:

-Trump hasn’t passed a single piece of legislation through Congress

-Trump is now under FBI investigation for possible collusion with Russia’s effort to influence our presidential election

-Trump is about to take healthcare away from 23 million Americans

The list of things Trump has lost at is so long, it is almost epic.

But perhaps the biggest of Trump’s failures, one that threatens our very democracy, is that Trump has chosen to ‘look the other way’ as Russia has attempted to change the outcome of our free elections. That is a modern-day act of war by one of our biggest enemies, and Trump just doesn’t care.