Whoever thought that just 36% of our voting population could actually get someone elected to the highest office in the land? Still scratching our heads over that one. Worse, is the fact that the rest of us, who saw far in advance what a potential mess Donald Trump would make as President of the United States couldn’t get through to that 36%.

It’s not like it was that hard to see, either. From the audio recording of Trump bragging he can grab ‘p@ssy’ at will, because he is famous, to his constant flattering of violent dictators, to his abuse of power and clear thirst for revenge at all costs, all very bad signs for how he may perform as president. Oh, those things, plus the fact that he knows nothing about and cares nothing about policies that could make America greater.

But I go back to my original point here: Why couldn’t those of us who knew better convince those who thought Trump would be a great president? We are too divided in America today, and we are not able to put aside our political biases long enough to have an effective and productive discussion about who we should ‘hire’ to be our president.

Nothing will improve until we can start working together, giving and taking with each other. ‘Compromise’ is not a dirty word, it is how great things get accomplished.