The nation’s highest court says it will decide the fate of President Trump’s travel ban, agreeing to hear arguments over cases that were heard in federal courts in Hawaii and Maryland.

“We grant the petitions for certiorari and grant the stay applications in part,” the court said Monday. The court’s clerk will set a date for the cases — which will be consolidated — to be heard in the session that begins in October.

The court said, “Both petitions for certiorari and both stay applications are accordingly ripe for consideration.”

Isn’t it kind of telling, that even while Trump’s travel ban has been blocked by the courts, you know, the ban that is supposed to stop terrorism in the U.S., that we just had an act of terrorism on the U.S. Congress, committed by a U.S. Citizen?

Seems to me that Trump doesn’t get it and doesn’t care. Perhaps ‘The Donald’ should stop fantasizing that he is a TV star, and should start enacting policies that will really protect us.