Wow, put this one in the ‘crazy’ file. Chris Wallace of FOX News just wrote that the ‘left’ is angry because the Obama family is taking too many vacations right now.

Um, Chris, you know that Barack Obama is no longer president, right? And if, in fact, you do know this, then you would also know that the Obama family can do whatever they want. Neither Barack or Michelle has a day-to-day job right now. So I am not sure why this would be a problem, for anyone.

In fact, President trump has played golf at least 16 of his first 100 days as president. Hey, Chris, how about you focus on what is happening right now (or, rather, what isn’t happening) instead of clinging to your little vision of making the Obamas our enemies.

Trump is our enemy and you know it, and all you are doing is trying to deflect from that very sad reality.