The job of White House Press Secretary, regardless of who is in the administration, comes with a heavy dose of “massaging the truth.” Sean Spicer has been flying off the handle a lot lately and so the Trump administration decided to send out Sarah Huckabee Sanders, probably best known for having the single most intense oxymoronic juxtaposition of middle and last names in recent memory. With the Trump administration’s narrative falling to pieces like one of Trump’s business portfolios, Huckabee Sanders’ one sticking point is that while she “doesn’t know a whole lot of people in the FBI,” she’s heard from tons and they all love Trump’s decision to blind-side their former boss.

Having said this, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, deputy spokesperson for Trump, you know, the daughter of preacher Mike Huckabee, seems to love to lie for the president just to collect a paycheck. Hmmm, what religion is that, Mr. Ms. Huckabee? It is the religion that bows down for the almighty dollar, that’s what it is.