You would have to live under a rock to wonder just what it is that Russia has over Donald Trump. Let’s face it, team Trump made changes to the Republican platform–remember that all Republicans ‘own’ that–before the Republican National Convention. But the only changes they made were changes that personally helped Vladimir Putin.

Isn’t this curious? What exactly could it be that Putin has on Trump that would make Trump bend over backwards for him? At first it appeared that perhaps Trump had borrowed large sums of money to fund his US building projects, and that does appear to be true. But would that really be enough to make Trump idolize a murderous dictator in public?

What if, in fact, Trump had a hand in laundering illegal funds for various Russian oligarchs and other entities? It would seem unimaginable in any other circumstance, but then again, this isn’t any other circumstance. Trump’s connections with Deutsche Bank seem to point that way.

The only way to know for sure what the heck is happening here, is for multiple, independent investigations to be launched regarding Trump’s connections with Russia. If this isn’t done, I guarantee you that the United States will eventually fall under the control of the man named the most powerful in the world–yes, now second to the President of the United States–Vladimir Putin.

Now that we learn that Jared Kushner is part of the investigation, especially around financial issues attached to Trump, we must all ask: Is the Trump family business more about making illegal monetary deals than it is about slapping the Trump name on a building?

And if I were Kushner, I would be running for my life. Actually, he is doing that and has lawyered up like no one in public life has ever done before.