You know, for those of us who actually studied the business history of Donald Trump, it is incredibly frustrating to see this person in charge of the U.S. Government. Why, would a guy who is supposedly so great at cutting deals, have to make up a fake cover of Time magazine and parade it all over his golf clubs? Real winners don’t need to lie about how great they are at winning.

But the truth has come out, and Donald Trump is not a winner, he is a loser.

Rolling Stone’s Eric Hedegaard once sat down with real-estate mogul, Reality TV star and – who can tell? – presidential candidate Donald Trump for a profile that appears in the magazine’s May 26, 2011 issue. When they get around to talking about Trump’s presidential aspirations, the Donald barks, ‘We need a businessman, and I’ve been successful.’ But, as Hedegaard points out, Trump’s business career is at least as remarkable for its colossal screwups – including multiple bankruptcies – as for its lucrative successes. Here, an incomplete roundup of Donald Trump’s business failures.

Launched in 2006 under the slogan “success distilled,” Trump Super Premium Vodka was destined to make the T&T (Trump & Tonic) the most-ordered drink in the country. At least that was the idea. Sadly, the brand went kaput in 2010, having “failed to meet the threshold requirements.”

But now that Trump is the President of the United States (oh, I know that makes his supporters want to cream in their pants, cause, well, it is twisted), and we need more from our leader than a person who just things the world is at his feet. It isn’t and you, Trump, will learn this sooner than later.