Remember how your parents used to complain about how things today just aren’t like the ‘good old days?’ I sure do, and I used to laugh at them for thinking that somehow, things are worse today than they were when they grew up.

That is funny, because now I realize that this is just a normal thing people do when they get older. I know this, because here I am doing the same thing they used to do.

In that vein, I am going to get straight to the point and list what I think is bad now, and wasn’t before:

-Since when did music become non-musical?

-How is it that people who claim to be religious think it is ok to lie and steal?

-Why do people throw litter out of their car windows?

-Why is Taylor Swift so rich and famous, yet I couldn’t even name a song she has ever sung?

-How come people make more money throwing a basketball through a hoop than they do defending innocent people in court?

-Why can’t teachers teach?

-Why do American politicians think healthcare is a privilege not a right?

And finally, what the heck is Donald Trump doing, sitting in the Oval Office?!