We didn’t want to have to say it, because we think that reducing criticisms of people to their physical appearance is inappropriate, mean and abusive.

But Trump has decided to change the rules. After all, he has expressed many times that ‘he alone’ can change things. Well, he certainly has changed things. Unfortunately he changed things to a point where America is now swimming in a moral sewer.

This is a very limited list of women who Trump has criticized for their physical ‘looks:’

-Katy Turr, MSNBC anchor

-Megyn Kelly, former FOX anchor and now MSNBC anchor (gee, I wonder why?)

-Rosie O’Donnell, comedienne and talk show host

-Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate and former Secretary of State

-Alicia Machado, former beauty queen contest winner

-And, of course, the story of the day, Mika Brzezinski, MSNBC morning show host

I think that Donny Deutsch was absolutely spot-on by making fun of the way Trump looks this morning. Watch below:

After years of putting up with Donald Trump’s abusive behavior, it is COMPLETELY ok to make fun of the fact that he is not just ugly inside, he is ugly outside.