The list of women who Trump has had a beef with, and who he publicly during rallies turned his supporters against, is long and disgusting. It is not just that these women, who are hardworking smart women who have make the mistake of questioning him, have been debased by Trump in public, but as he did so, he turned his deplorable followers against them too.

Here is a short list of the women Trump has tried to publicly shame and destroy through the use of his minions:

-Katy Turr, MSNBC anchor

-Megyn Kelly, former FOX anchor and now MSNBC anchor (gee, I wonder why?)

-Rosie O’Donnell, comedienne and talk show host

-Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate and former Secretary of State

-Alicia Machado, former beauty queen contest winner

-And, of course, the story of the day, Mika Brzezinski, MSNBC morning show host

Looking at the list, it doesn’t take a PhD to figure out this man is truly scared by strong, smart and successful women. BTW, where does that put Melania?

It is bad enough that the President of the United States can be such a creep and abuser of women, but that he uses his power to get the 36% of Americans, the deplorable people who still support him, to also attack these women throughout all of social media. Go take a look, if you don’t believe me. I challenge you to prove me wrong, and if you try, I hope you are right. But I wasn’t born yesterday, and I know an abusive bully when I see one.