At some point, the continued investigations into Donald Trump’s White House become an excuse to avoid dealing with what Congress and the American public already know.

After former FBI director James Comey’s testimony, that day may have arrived. Investigations have their place — but so does action.

President Trump tried to thwart the FBI’s probe into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, as Comey’s sworn testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee made painfully clear. There’s still a lot for Congress and special counsel Robert Mueller to learn about the broader problem of Russian interference with the election and potential collusion with the Trump campaign, an inquiry that could take years. But the separate question of presidential obstruction of justice in the Flynn case is starting to look cut-and-dried.

And no number of unhinged tweets about news anchors he doesn’t like from Donald Trump will obscure the truth. Good luck with Donald Trump and those who have ‘hitched their wagons’ to his fortunes.