New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s week started with Beachgate — viral photos showing him lounging on a public beach closed by the state budget shutdown. Next week, Bridgegate will revisit.

It doesn’t promise the same kind of international response, but the term-limited Republican will be in the headlines again when the former aide prosecutors say masterminded the 2013 George Washington Bridge lane closure scheme is sentenced, and when the attorney who represented him during the scandal gets a hearing on Capitol Hill to be the next FBI director.

David Wildstein is set to be sentenced Wednesday, and the GOP Senate is holding a hearing the same day on President Donald Trump’s FBI pick, Christopher Wray.

Sometimes the pieces to a puzzle have a way of coming together, and these two incidents paint a picture of a governor who uses his power to get back at personal enemies and benefit personally from public assets. Christie is clearly a taker who never should have been considered as a public servant because he only serves himself.