I love the way The New Yorker put it:

“Don’t get ahead of the reporting. That’s one of the first lessons you’re supposed to learn as a novitiate in the church of journalism. Don’t assert what is not yet established by the facts. The consequences can be dire. In the rare case when Woodward and Bernstein stumbled during their Watergate reporting, it was because at one point they got a little ahead of their carefully established web of facts when it came to who was running the conspiracy. In the end, they were right, but the stumble allowed the Nixon

Administration to charge, in modern parlance, #fakenews. “Shabby journalism” is what Ron Ziegler, the Sean Spicer of the Nixon era, called it.”

Hey, ‘the Donald,’ we see right through your side-show act and we see what you are trying to do, here. Problem for you is that Americans see what a scam artist you really are, and you will soon be begging to have your old life back.