All we are hearing about right now is the ‘drip, drip, drip,’ of the Trump administration. And the ‘dripping’ isn’t good for them.

“The White House is paralyzed,” a top Republican close to the West Wing told CNN ahead of Trump’s departure to Paris, a withering assessment of an administration whose goals of passing a health care bill, overhauling the tax code and defeating ISIS have been complicated once again.

“Another week lost,” is how one official described the legislative timeline for Trump and Republicans, an acknowledgment that the latest swirl of Russia developments complicate an already imperiled agenda.

Just today, we have learned that there were more people in Donald Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer in Trump tower than he previously disclosed. Oh, and by the way, one of those people was a former Russian spy.

You ‘guys,’ the thing about lying is that you have to do it well to make it work. It is clear now that the Trump administration is in serious trouble of crumbling, and once Congressional Republicans realize that will happen and they won’t be able to pass the big tax cut for the rich they want, they will dump Trump right under the bus.