The similarities between the backgrounds and personal qualities of President George W. Bush and President Trump are eerily similar. Let’s make a list.

Both men:

-Were born into a world of wealth and power

-Graduated from Ivy League schools with low grade point averages (can we say ‘daddy?’)

-Somehow stumbled into the biggest job in the world, even though neither had a day of experience to allow them to do the job (can we say ‘daddy,’ again?)

-Have a lifetime history before becoming president (we hope it was all before) of coasting through life, grabbing anything or anyone he wanted and knowing there would be no consequence

That’s all sort of fine, if the parallels end there. But we all know what a total disaster G.W. was as president. He allowed the massacre of 9/11 and helped ISIS rise to power while simultaneously almost throwing the U.S. economy off the cliff.

Let’s not let another American disaster happen so soon, the last one was too recent and too damaging for us to endure another ‘playboy’ presidency.